People who can speak a few foreign languages are called polyglots. We have interviewed two of them to find out how to make the learning process more efficient. This is what they shared with us:

Add a few extra years to your life. You can do it by following the step provided below. They are simple yet very effective. Enjoy your new experiences!

Improve your spiritual and physical state by practicing a few meditational techniques. There are plenty of exercises you can do to make the positive change and feel the difference.

Living without dreams is unbearable. You need to have goals in life. Don’t we all need to move forward and succeed in some certain sphere?

Mindfulness is considered one of the best features of the human nature. In some instances mindfulness is necessary. It brings your total attention to the current events without being judgmental.

Plans, ambitions and goals make us move forward. Our life is full of intentions. Sometimes we know how to achieve them. But are we always dedicated enough to make things happen? Who are we to blame if we fail? The only person who is responsible for this is you. If you wish all plans to work out, do the following:

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